XOR (天)

Utility & governance token used for transaction fees (gas) on the SORA Network

XOR token supply

  • Supply was capped at 350,000 XOR until SORA v2 network launch. SORA v2 network was launched on April 2021
  • XOR supply is elastically managed by a token bonding curve smart contract with buy and sell price functions. This means that as the token supply increases, the price also increases, and vice versa. The price is regulated by the bonding curve, so no extreme fluctuations in the price will be exhibited, but a smooth growth or decline XOR distribution
  • Fair distribution. SORA has no VC, instead, 350,000 XOR were put on Uniswap. XOR distribution can be tracked on Etherscan

VAL (≚)

Utility & governance token used to reward validators on the SORA Network, created by community governance

  • Used to reward validators on the SORA Network
  • Deflationary supply, tokens are burned at every SORA network transaction
  • Elastic rewards to validators and stake nominators are given in VAL, as a percentage of the daily burned VAL
  • VAL holders will be able to group together into DAOs to pool their liquidity and vote to provide liquidity to trading pairs on Polkaswap and receive PSWAP tokens as a reward

VAL token supply

VAL token was distributed to 3 groups approximately equally, in 3 stages:

  • Former v1 XOR holders
  • ERC-20 XOR holders as an airdrop (vested over time)
  • The upcoming SORA Parliament (not yet distributed)


Utility & governance token used to reward liquidity providers on POLKASWAP, created by community governance

  • Used to reward liquidity providers on Polkaswap
  • Deflationary supply, tokens are burned with every swap on Polkaswap
  • The 0.3% fee for every swap on the Polkaswap DEX is used to buy back and burn PSWAP tokens. Initially 90% of burned PSWAP tokens are reminted to allocate for liquidity providers, but with over the course of 5 years, this percentage will decrease to 35%

PSWAP token supply

  • 10 billion max supply, deflationary with tokens burned at every swap
  • PSWAP is a free-floating token whose price is decided by the market
  • Current PSWAP circulating supply: ~36%, can be checked here

PSWAP distribution


TBCD is created to be worth slightly less than $1 when XOR is far lower than the current price point on the token bonding curve, reducing sell pressure to XOR when the price of XOR is low

  • TBCD (Token Bonding Curve Dollar) is convertible to XOR, as a reserve asset of the SORA token bonding curve, while also being worth $1 because the token bonding curve always treats TBCD as having a value of $1 USD.
  • TBCD can only be created and allocated by on-chain governance, which means that XOR token holders decide the supply


XST is a platform for synthetic assets on SORA. Synthetic assets that are fully collateralized on-chain, but are linked to off-chain indices allows a multitude of composable DeFi operations that are completely censorship resistant.

  • The XST token is used to back the SORA Synthetics platform
  • XST is minted through SORA governance
  • XST tokens will be burnt to mint algorithmic stablecoins, community members can propose synthetic tokens via governance
  • Liquidity providers in the Demeter platform benefit from seignorage from every XST mint

XST token supply

  • Initial Supply: 1337
  • Max Supply: Dynamic supply
  • XST will be burnt to mint synthetic assets


Algorithmic stablecoin linked to the value of DAI, a synthetic asset backed by a variable amount of XST and pegged to a target index, created by community governance

  • XSTUSD is a claim of $1 USD worth of XST
  • XSTUSD is minted by burning XST
  • There are XSTUSD pooling pairs within
  • More XST-based synthetic assets coming soon

Ceres (CERES)

Utility & governance token used for paying fees in DeFi services platforms on the SORA network

  • Deflationary token with only 25,000 total supply
  • Holding token allows investors to get three airdrop tokens (Demeter, Hermes, Apollo)
  • Used as governance token on for influencing decisions concerning the project
  • Used for paying fees on Liquidity Locker, Token Locker and Launchpad
  • Being burned by fees from DeFi services

Demeter (DEO)

First Ceres airdrop token used as a reward for liquidity providers and in-game currency

  • Token with 10,000,000.00 maximum supply
  • Used as main reward token on Demeter Farming platform
  • Used as in-game currency in first Play-to-Earn game on SORA called DEO Arena
  • Being burned by fees from Demeter Farming platform