SORA: The First Blockchain Monetary System

SORA is an adaptive, non-debt-based monetary framework built to enable economic monetary stability for financially vulnerable countries.

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Democratic On-Chain Governance, Policy and Monetary Advantages

Monetary Stability: SORA's economic system leverages a token bonding curve to manage currency supply expertly, ensuring exceptional monetary stability and fostering its use for productive purposes.

Economic Growth: Based on empirical research, the economic model follows key principles that promote sustainable growth. It ensures that the issuance of money responds to actual economic demand, prevents arbitrary spending, and supports a healthy financial environment.

Forward Guidance: SORA ensures market confidence by sending clear signals about liquidity and price trends. With the transparent mathematics behind the token bonding curve governing XOR issuance, market participants can access buy-price and sell-price data to make well-informed decisions.

Adoptive Economics: Nations can adopt the XOR by appointing a dedicated liaison to collaborate with the SORA community and forming an expert committee to optimize XOR allocation, countries can ensure a seamless integration process.

How SORA works

The SORA ecosystem empowers countries to finance projects using an open governance model, promoting transparency and inclusivity. Integrating XOR into domestic economies supports productive investments, driving nominal GDP growth and fostering economic development.

Read: The Case for XOR | El Caso de XOR (pdf)

Explore the parts that make up SORA

The SORA network excels at providing tools for decentralized applications that use digital assets, such as atomic token swaps, bridging tokens to other blockchains, and creating programmatic rules involving digital assets

SORA network

SORA is built on Parity Substrate as a standalone blockchain, as well as planning to utilize a parachain on both Kusama and Polkadot, along with many more connections via bridges


SORA is a supranational economic system that is based on the Disaggregated Quantity Theory of Money [*] and aims to be the catalyst for advancing humanity


Polkaswap is a non-custodial AMM DEX built on the SORA network, focusing on interoperability to connect the rest of the crypto ecosystem to Polkadot providing boundless liquidity

SORA is the blockchain ecosystem for the future

A bridging pallet compatible for any Substrate based network

This framework will standardize a direct and secure interaction between Polkadot parachains implemented on top of Substrate and Polkaswap, and the SORA network.

Bridging with the full security of a connected parachain

SORA is both a new economic system as well as a network which implements a new way to architect a parachain blockchain that connects to the Polkadot relay chain and ecosystem, with built-in tools focused on DeFi.

Journey through the world of SORA

We are a community that envisions a new economic world order — one that is truly decentralized and democratic. SORA is building to deliver financial inclusion for all without discrimination, and provide a better method to manage day-to-day finances.

The difference in SORA's approach

SORA has set out to resolve many of the challenges of current cryptocurrencies through math and innovation.

SORA tokenomics rely on a Token Bonding Curve that helps mitigate boom-bust valuations of most cryptocurrencies, and manages the challenges of not having an elastic supply of capital.

In the SORA Parliament, no single body or committee can both make proposals and decisions, thus clear separation of powers allows for careful review and avoids self-selection.

SORA architecture

The SORA network is built with Parity Substrate and includes bridges to other blockchains such as Ethereum, with more to come.

The SORA network has its own set of validators in addition to parachains for Polkadot and Kusama.

The SORA network’s parachain will provide a bridging pallet compatible for any Substrate based network.

Why use a Token Bonding Curve?

The Token Bonding Curve (TBC) manages the supply of tokens in a rational way, without human involvement, to create a system that avoids the boom-bust problems of traditional economies and the deflationary economics of many cryptocurrencies.

Join the decentralized network of the future


Become a SORA citizen and be eligible to be selected for the SORA Parliament (coming soon) to collaborate with decision making on network updates and capital allocation


Vote on proposals to apply changes to the network and for projects to be built


Swap tokens from different networks. Provide liquidity and earn rewards

Builders Programme

Propose a project to be built on SORA. You can submit an RFP so that the upcoming SORA Parliament can review the request and allocate XOR for productive uses


Become a nominator by staking tokens and receive rewards. Become a validator to validate blocks in SORA and benefit from securing the network.

SORA mobile wallet

Store assets from different networks in one app. You can also send assets and move them between networks.

SORA tokens

A few of the tokens in the SORA ecosystem


Utility and governance token used for transaction fees (gas) on the SORA network


Utility and governance token used to reward validators on the SORA network, created by community governance


Utility and governance token used to reward liquidity providers on Polkaswap, created by community governance


TBCD is created to be worth slightly less than $1 when XOR is far lower than the current price point on the token bonding curve, reducing sell pressure to XOR when the price of XOR is low


Platform for synthetic assets on SORA. Synthetic assets that are fully collateralized on-chain, but are linked to off-chain indices allows a multitude of composable DeFi operations that are completely censorship resistant


Algorithmic stablecoin linked to the value of DAI, a synthetic asset backed by a variable amount of XST and pegged to a target index, created by community governance


Utility & governance token used for paying fees in DeFi services platforms on the SORA network


First Ceres airdrop token used as a reward for liquidity providers and in-game currency

Technology built on the SORA network


Polkaswap is a non custodial AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot ecosystem and the interoperable future.

Polkaswap aims for liquidity, security, convenience, where an immediate exchange of assets can take place with style and freedom.

Lower gas fees

Achieved by a Substrate based infrastructure that bypasses expensive mining for consensus

Expanding DEX

Add tokens from the Polkadot ecosystem as well as from other blockchains to the exchange

Limitless Composability

The overall Polkadot architecture allows virtually limitless composability between blockchains

On-Time Transactions

Polkaswap uses Substrate, which has superior performance speed compared to Ethereum

Introducing the SORA mobile wallet

Account setup

SORA network account creation and import

Polkaswap integration

Swap and pool assets, earn rewards, make bank, live a good life

Governance and staking

SORA Parliament and staking made simple coming soon

Get the SORA mobile wallet today

Store assets from different networks in one app. You can also send assets and move them between networks as well as swap using Polkaswap. Plus governance and staking features made simple, coming soon.

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Trade & Pool w/ Style & Freedom

Open Polkaswap

SORA typeface

SORA, meaning sky in Japanese, is a bespoke typeface family commissioned and fully open-sourced for the SORA decentralized economy.

Designed by Barnbrook, one of Britain's most well-known and highly regarded independent creative studios, based in London, who have created brand identity and environmental graphics for Art Basel and David Bowie. Barnbrook’s work is quite well known as well in Japan as his studio created the corporate identity for the largest post war development in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills.

Get the SORA font family Contribute on GitHub

Become a SORA validator

The SORA network is completely decentralized, and relies on community members to run nodes.

Validator nodes will be responsible for making blocks in the network.

To help ensure the success of Polkaswap, we require community support by running validator nodes on the SORA network.

Become a Validator Stake XOR

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